Africa's Cycling Dreams

Africas Cycling Dreams

It’s needless to say that we are struggling through difficult times here in Europe. Financially, we’re all confronted with increased prices. Skimping or withdrawing spending on things which are not necessities is often our normal reflex. Unfortunately, one of the first areas where many of us draw back is in our donations to charities at home and abroad. However, everything can be ultimately reduced to finding and choosing our right priorities. We believe that a commitment to the less fortunate is one of these priorities.

Projects in Africa often focus on education and emergency aid – essential areas for life.

Too often, however, we think that some crayons for children's classes, and a bag of rice for the hungry, can set things straight. In the short term, these are wonderful initiatives. However, as soon as the local aid workers close the door behind them, all too often the situation sinks into the same hopelessness as before.

It is better to focus on long-term projects, which base their efforts on self-reliance. Or, as the saying goes: If you give a man a fish, you feed him for a day. If you teach a man to fish, you feed him for a lifetime. Such efforts often remain under the radar of the media, but they are just as important.

PaxX-Global Cycling continues to hold the goal of improving the living environment of people worldwide through cycling projects. Teaching children and young people to cycle increases their chances of a better life. This can be especially true for women who are then able to cycle to a water source, carrying daily water in larger quantities and more quickly. They are also able to take their fully loaded bicycles to sell wares in local markets. The bicycle takes them to places they would otherwise never go, and teaches them to discover the world around them. This is especially important for children.

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Entry to sport cycling can also often be a stepping stone to a higher standard of living. The young cyclist tastes the group environment of a club, learns discipline and perseverance, and masters the arts of bicycle maintenance and repair. In the long run, employment as a bicycle mechanic also becomes possible. Another aspect to remember is the dignity that a young athlete acquires. Cycling races in African villages often sees the whole turning into a type of festival, where the athletes are hailed as heroes, and where the entire village turns out to participate. This allows the riders to develop as people and can be decisive in giving them the tools, hope or role in a community to stay connected in their local area….rather than risking a dangerous crossing to richer European countries.

Many parts and materials for bicycles are still difficult or not available in Africa. Therefore we want to support our teams in Gambia, Uganda and Ghana with necessary items such as helmets, chains, drinking bottles, and various parts. What is available locally is bought there. Other items will be shipped over from Europe. 

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Our goal is to give each team 1,000 euros. Your help to reach this goal is very welcome….and needed!

Donations are welcome at PaxX-Global Cycling – IBAN : BE81 9794 3594 9024  mention: Africa's Cycling Dreams


Click here for a short video of our competition teams in The Gambia, Uganda and Ghana.



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